.om Domain

.om is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Oman. Currently, Telecom Regulatory Authority is the registry of .om ccTLD. The Authority is solely responsible for the management of the top level Internet domain name “.om” and “.عمان” In doing so, the Authority may:

  • 1- Set rules, instructions and guidelines for the aforesaid domain names administration.
  • 2- Approve the accredited registrars and publish a list of their names in the Authority’s website or by any other means.
  • 3- Monitor the accredited registrars and registrants to check their compliance with the rules, instructions and guidance related to the respective domain names.
  • 4- Publish the decisions of terminating the accreditation of the accredited registrars in the Authority’s website or by any other means.
  • 5- Take action concerning appeals and complaints that are submitted by accredited registrars or registrants or any concern party in any matter related to implementing the provisions of this Regulation, but without prejudice to the provisions of the Industrial Property Act and its executive regulation.

.om Zones

The top-level .om consists of the following domain zones:

Zone Registration Categories
.om For the administrative sections of the government and the authorized firms in Oman
.co.om For registered companies and businesses in Oman
.org.om For general public firms (non-profit) permitted by Oman
.net.om For firms that provide telecommunication services in Oman
.edu.om For public or private educational institutes
.gov.om For government agencies in Oman
.museum.om For government or private entities that own or operate Oman museum
.pro.om For trade unions and professional associations licensed by Oman such as licensed doctors’ and engineers’ or any member of them.
.med.om For government or private medical firms